Policy Advocacy

The Research wing of FASII helps in finding solutions for practical complications for Micro and Small enterprises. The Small and Micro Industries base is huge in India, FASII through various events and conferences hears the Small and Micro Industries opinions , makes policy papers and recommends the Government to implement appropriate changes in the existing policy framework.


Until recently there wasn't any Arbitration Forum which existed specially for Small and Micro Industries. FASII through its Arbitration Forum is rendering services by providing help to those Small and Micro enterprises who are having disputes and looking for efficient and alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

Incubation services

In order to support the objectives of Start Up India, FASII provides incubation services to early stage ventures which are inclusive of but not limited to providing co-working infrastructure, business mentoring and expertise necessary to succeed in increasingly competitive markets. We also run our virtual incubation program.

Skill development

Skill Development forum of FASII is inspired by the establishment of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on 9 November, 2014. The establishment of this Ministry has inspired FASII to enable itself to help those who are graduates but are not ‘Employable’. FASII through workshops and conferences.

Business Advisory

The Outreach, Innovation and Research wings of FASII connect and identify people who have an idea capable of bringing substantial change in the market and then help them in registering their business, train them on accounting and taxation and guide them in making a perfect business plans capable of attracting funding.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility although has been in existence for a long time but the passing of Companies Act in 2013 more companies and enterprises have been brought into the fold of helping India . FASII through its Outreach and Innovation wing comes up with various solutions through Policy Papers and provides them to Government.