Vichar Vimarsh 2017 : A Forum for Innovation

Dates 12th-13th August

We are elated to inform you about our Flagship Initiative Vichar Vimarsh, to be held on 12th and 13th August 2017. This being organized by Federation of Associations of Small Industries of India (FASII) in collaboration with government organization and bodies.

Policy Advocacy

The event’s aim is to forward the agenda of Social innovation and Policy making . The threefold agenda of the event is as following

• Encouraging Social Innovators to present their ideas, and creating a platform for them to sell their ideas to investors and Government officials present there.

• Panel discussions on topics which affect the Indian economy and come up with ideas to suggest changes in the current Economic setup to help growth of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises.

• Conducting debates in three specific areas of the Indian economy which need new ideas and perspectives that might help the existing structures to change though and teaching school and college students to make Policy papers.

Brief on Social Innovators

20-25 Social innovators will be called to register and showcase their products and make presentations of their innovations. These innovations intend to facilitate Social development. With various investors from different enterprises in audience, Vichar Vimarsh intends to create a B2B platform for the Social Innovators.The panel discussions will consist of various experts on the following topics and discuss new ways forward and also enlighten about the Pro’s and Con’s of the existing setup. In order to make sure that there is a greater understanding of the issue, the topics that have been chosen to discuss on various panels will help the audience understand and also clarify their doubts.

Industrial Development

1. Start up India "Educating the entrepreneurs with the best existing industry standards."

"Means and Measure for contributing towards objective development of MSME's in India."


"Inculcating entrepreneurship in the Indian education system."

Corporate Social Responsibility

Information Technology

Creating a roadmap for effective implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Role of Information Technology in India's roadmap for Global Economic Superpower.

Goods and Services Tax

"Effective implementation of Goods and Services Tax in India."


“Emphasis and identification of opportunities in health care innovation”


“Identification of oppurutnities in India’s strategic roadmap for renewable energy.”

Brief on Youth Engagement Forums

The debates will be following the Model United Nations and Youth Parliament concepts where school and college students will participate. There will be three committees, which are as follows

1) Rural Upliftment

2) Engagement with Micro Small and Medium enterprises

3) Social Entrepreneurship

The Rural Upliftment debate will have delegates discuss various problems in the Rural areas ranging from Infrastructure to Gender roles. After each topic discussion delegates will be expected to make a document which will include the problems they discussed and solutions which they have come up with.

Engagement with Micro Small and Medium enterprises will be a narrative based committee where the Moderators will be giving situations at regular time intervals, so as to engage the delegates of the committee to deal with these situations and come up with solutions ranging from legal to a new business plan and would give them an opportunity to talk to various enterpreneurs in the event to help them out through these situations.

Social Entrepreneurship(Double Delegation) committee will have the delegates talk about the problems and solutions which will have an impact on social, cultural and environment in India. This committee’s proceedings could be based on giving various difficult situations to the delegates time to time and help them interact with social innovators and know about the problems they face in the current economic set up and try to incorporate their suggestions into making a Policy Paper for upliftment of Social Entrepreneurship.

The fees for participating for the Youth Engagement Forum is Rs.1200 .

Cash Prizes are : Best Delegate Rs.10,000

Best Delegation Rs. 50,000

Aim of the event

The above-mentioned event will be simulated over the course of two days. The outcome of the event is to create a B2B and B2C platform, focusing more on B2B. Delegates( mainly industrialist and corporate heads) will be invited from all over India to attend the event and to see new innovations and also people from various walks of life will be able to interact with each other.

School and college students will be able to interact with the Social innovators understand the problems that they face while doing business or while looking for investment.for the outreach of their innovations and ideas. School and college students will be able to meet various businessmen from MSME sector and gain some knowledge as to what are the problems they faced or to know their success stories.

Delegates debating and visiting would also be a part of the various panel discussions on various topics and will gain various perspectives as to what changes can be made in the Indian economy.

All the panel discussions topics are the contemporary sectoral issues thus the existing problems in the effective implementation of policies shall be identified and a policy paper consisting of solutions shall be prepared and recommended to concerned ministries.