Benefits which Industries and Trade Derive from FASII’s Membership

1. Councils and Committees of Government:

FASII has representation in various Government Committees connected with Industrial & Trade Policies, Environment, Labour, Export & Import, Economic Policy & Union Budget, Standards & Technology, Finance & Credit, etc. As such, difficulties & problems faced by members with reference to the said counts are taken up at the concerned Councils or Committees and solved. This also helps the Government in framing policies and programmes for the MSMEs.

2. Brief Membership Details on the Portal of FASII:

Business activities (Manufacturing and Trade) of the Members are given in the portals of FASII. This helps members to discover their raw-material supplier, marketing avenues, Machinery supplier, service renders, Government Schemes, Notifications etc.

3. Documents submitted to the Government:

Documents submitted to different Ministries with reference to Micro and Small Enterprises are publicized through FASII’s portal and FASII Bulletin. This provides information and knowledge to members and in turn these papers generate more views and suggestions from different members.

4. International Trade Fairs:

FASII facilitates participation by Members in International Trade Fairs through Government subsidy by means of the concerned Government Schemes.

5. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Conventions:

Periodically, FASII organizes, conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions which imparts knowledge, facts, datas, information, awareness, skill and understanding to Members on different subjects like Environment & Pollution, Quality & Standards, Labour Policy, Technology, Finance & Credit, Export & Import etc. These events equip the members to face the realities on the said fronts.

6. Difficulties of the Members taken up for redressal:

Difficulties of the members are taken up directly with the concerned Government/Semi-Government/Autonomous Bodies/Public Sector Undertakings etc. for redressal.

7. Pre-Budget Memorandum:

Every year FASII is invited to the Pre-Budget Meetings of the Finance Minister and the Revenue Secretary. FASII submits comprehensive points as obtained from different members on the Direct and Indirect Taxes and Finance & Credit.